Thursday, January 24, 2008

1203. An Isis puzzle, the makers claim that it's the most difficult puzzle ever, to open it you must first solve some clues that come with the instructions, these can be seen online in the product manual here.
There is possibly a spoiler in my next link, someone sent me a page that shows an xray of this puzzle, it doesn't explain exactly how it's opened but does show some of the inner workings. However, the page with the xrays is part of a much larger discussion on the puzzle, I haven't read any further so I don't know how much is revealed about the solution.

Take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one.

1204. One of a pair of ladder jacks, each is attached to a ladder, a board is then placed on them to form a scaffold.

1205. This is a “Sample Cutter”, used in a lab. If the tester is getting samples for “moisture or basis weight” the samples are all the same size.

Just received some new photos of this device, one of them is shown below:

Larger image

1206. An Automatic Syringe Injector, patent number 2,047,010.
Text on it reads "Dr. Busher's Automatic".

Larger image

1207. Stanley Functional Utility Bar, or Fubar, used for prying, splitting, board bending, striking, and small demolition work. Amazon has a short video of one in action, the link is under the picture on their site.

1208. Windlass style barbed wire fence stretcher:

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